Go Heating Repair Chertsey are the best loved and most trusted heating specialists because we work tirelessly to service, repair and replace all of Chertsey’s gas boilers.

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Go Heating Repair are your local Heating Repair specialists in Chertsey.

Go Heating Repair Chertsey rarely had a chance to put their feet up as they did more gas boiler services, gas boiler repairs and gas boiler fittings than ever before. The statistics were staggering: 250 gas boiler fittings, 400 gas boiler repairs and 625 gas boiler services.

Chertsey locals love our heating and hot water know-how.

Bill is the head heating engineer at Go Heating Repair. Bill is a prime example of our stellar heating engineers and all of our team are carefully selected to ensure only the best heating engineers in Chertsey are part of our team. Go Heating Repair Chertsey’s team are all locally born-and-bred which means that they will provide the best service when you call up one of our team to do a boiler service, boiler repair or boiler fitting. It should go without saying but all of our team are Gas Safe certified too, so you can rest easy.

How we help you regain your home comforts…

You’ll NEVER feel abandoned in your time of need in Chertsey

– There is always a friendly, helpful voice waiting for you when you call.

No hanging around for days on end in Chertsey for your boiler to be repaired or serviced

– We ALWAYS respond FAST as our team of boiler repair specialist live locally to you!

It’s doesn’t cost you a penny for a Call Out in Chertsey

– That’s right, we NEVER charge you for call outs…EVER!

No ‘crafty-hidden-extras’ for you.

– We offer Fixed-Prices to our Chertsey customers ‘cos it just feels right!

We keep everything simple for you and easy to understand.

– No ‘Tech-Jargon-or-Mumbo-Jumbo’! It’s the last thing you need when your boiler need servicing, repairing or replacing.

We believe it’s important that you only ‘get the best’ boiler service, repair or replacement

– We are not ‘jack of all trades unlike others’ in Chertsey

When you boiler breaks down and you need a new one, most people expect to pay at least £3,000 for a replacement. Not with Go Heating Repair.co.uk!

Due to our buying power, we’ve been able to strike a deal that enables us to offer you an Ideal Logic Code 24KW Gas Boiler for half price, and including installation, it will now only cost you £1,495. That’s half the price some companies would charge you for a new boiler!

Whats more, you get a choice of installation. Our standard installation includes a two year guarantee. If you are looking to save money on servicing, our Premium Installation package includes a 5 year guarantee and 50% off servicing for the next five years for an additional £9 a month, saving you even more.


Standard Installation

  • Removal of your existing boiler (and hot water tank if applicable).
  • Responsible disposal.
  • A new Ideal boiler RRP £1,182, reduced to £591 with a 2 year warranty.
  • Add a corrosion inhibitor – to help protect your central heating system.
  • Installation of a condensate pipe.
  • A hot flush of your central heating system.

Standard Installation




Premium Installation

  • Removal of your existing boiler (and hot water tank if applicable).
  • Responsible disposal.
  • A new Ideal boiler RRP £1,182, reduced to £591 with a 2 year warranty.
  • Add a corrosion inhibitor – to help protect your central heating system.
  • Installation of a condensate pipe.
  • Installation of magnetic system filter and a powerflush of your central heating system.
  • Thermostatic radiator valves fitted in your bedrooms.
  • 50% off Servicing for 5 years.

Premium Installation



+£9 Per Month

“I often took our hot water and heating for granted!”

– Said just about all of our Chertsey customers… just before giving us a call!

You know that feeling when you wake up and notice that the central heating hasn’t come on?
Or you go have your shower or bath and you have no hot water?

It’s cold outside but then it’s even colder inside your own home, thanks to your dodgy gas boiler. All you want is hot water and heating but your gas boiler lets you down again and again. It costs you money, lets you down at the drop of a hat and you don’t know what will happen next.

You deserve better. We think our Chertsey customers deserve only the best and we’re here for you during your time of need. We will never leave you in the lurch and once we come to your front door, all your worries will melt away.

No Need to Panic – Go Heating Repair Chertsey is here for YOU!

No one in Chertsey ever likes calling a heating engineer
– but when you have to call one Go Heating Repair Chertsey is here for YOU 24/7

Go Heating Repair Chertsey are the best loved and most trusted gas boiler service team in the area. We never clock off in Chertsey  and we work around the clock 24/7, 365 days of the year as gas boilers can let you down any time. We not only are available in an emergency, we also have a large array of services such as boiler services, boiler upgrades, a boiler cover plan and we’re on the only teams in Chertsey to offer boiler finance options. If you need a heating or hot water expert in Chertsey, you only need to call up Go Heating Repair.

Bill and his carefully selected crew of central heating engineers in Chertsey have experience and expertise of installing and working on every heating system that you could ever imagine. Go Heating Repair Chertsey cater for all your servicing and repairing needs and replace every type of boiler including: Alpha Gas Boilers, Ariston Gas Boilers, Baxi Gas Boilers, Glow-worm Gas Boilers, Ideal Gas Boilers, Potterton Gas Boilers, Vaillant Gas Boilers, Viessmann Gas Boilers, Worcester Gas Boilers. So whatever your requirements are, call Go Heating Repair Chertsey now.

Whatever you need right now…

Simply CALL our friendly
Local team

and tell us how we can help and we’ll quickly send you one of our friendly and local engineers.

It couldn’t be simpler.

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