Need a new gas boiler? Get a new fully installed boiler in Didcot from just £17* a month.

With Deposit


  • £17 per month with up to 10 years manufacturer backed warranty
  • Cash Price £2246
  • Deposit £1070.50
  • Total Loan Amount £1175.50
  • Total Charge for Credit £864.50
  • Total Amount Payable £3110.50 (including deposit)
  • Repayment Length 120 Months
  • Monthly Cost £17
  • Interest Rate 12.2%
  • Representative APR 12.9%
  • Subject to Status

*Representative Example: Cash Price £2246 less a deposit of £1070.50 Total Loan amount = £1175.50. Repayable by 120 monthly repayments of £17. Total Charge for credit = £864.50. Total Amount Repayable £3110.50 (includes £1070.50 deposit). Interest rate is 12.2% per annum fixed. Representative APR 12.9% fixed. Subject to status.

Without Deposit


  • £32.48 per month with up to 10 years manufacturer backed warranty
  • Cash Price £2246
  • Deposit £0
  • Total Loan Amount £2246
  • Total Charge for Credit £1651.60
  • Total Amount Payable £3897.60 (including deposit)
  • Repayment Length 120 Months
  • Monthly Cost £32.48
  • Interest Rate 12.2%
  • Representative APR 12.9%
  • Subject to Status

**Subject to an annual service at the customer’s expense. 10 year warranty option only available on Worcester Bosch and Ideal gas boilers.

Here at Go Heating Repair Didcot, we imagine a world where when you need a new boiler in Didcot, you could get one with monthly payments from as little as £17 a month. You’ll have a choice of installation dates which could be as soon as 48 hours later, with peace of mind that all Go Heating Repair Didcot installed boilers are covered by a manufacturer backed warranty of up to 10 years.

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When you need a new boiler, not everybody can afford £2,000 to £3,000 of unexpected potential cost from having a new boiler installed. Not having heating or hot water for your family is not an option, so how do you afford the cost of a new boiler? There are a range of finance packages available where you could get a fully installed boiler, from a range of manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, from as little as £17* a month. What’s more, our boilers come with a manufacturer backed warranty of up to 10 years, for even greater peace of mind. Unlike other schemes, you own the boiler, which you pay off as part of your credit agreement. We also won’t leave you in the cold when you need you boiler fitted quickly; we can start the installation of most boilers within 48 hours, subject to survey and installation appointment availability

Go Heating Repair Didcot is your totally dedicated local gas safe boiler replacement specialist, . All our new boiler installers in Didcot are Gas Safe registered for your peace of mind.

Discover HOW we care for you here at Go Heating Repair Didcot.

Up to 10 years manufacturers backed warranty

It’s great getting a new boiler, but after going to all that expense, you want to make sure its gives you years of stress free heating and hot water. That’s why all our boilers come with up to 10 years manufacturer backed warranty.

FREE, no obligation, survey at a time to suit YOU in Didcot.

We’ll give you advice on the type of installation that’s best for your home, at a time convenient to you in Didcot.

Choose the brand of new boiler that suits you.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on a Worcester Bosch or you want to look at our range of value boilers, the choice is yours.

We only recommend what we’d have fitted ourselves.

We’ll only recommend and quote for a boiler installation that we’d be happy having in our home.

Quick survey turn-around from Go Heating Repair Didcot.

We’ll complete a full quote on site and take you through what we think your best option is based on your requirements – that way you’ll know what the cost of installation is before we leave your property so you can ask any questions you like of our surveyor.

No pushy sales people

We’ll give you as much time and space to choose the best option for you. There’s no pushy sales people at Go Heating Repair Didcot.

This is How it Works…

    • 1. CONTACT
      Contact Go Heating Repair
      By phone or by completing our enquiry form, our Boiler Install Advisors will walk you through your options.
    • 2. SURVEY
      FREE Survey
      It’s 100% FREE and there’s no obligation to buy.
    • 3. CHOOSE
      What’s Best for You
      All our Didcot based surveyors are experienced gas boiler installers and will always give what they think is your best option based on your heating and hot water requirements.
    • 4. Installation
      Arrange your Installation Date
      Select a date that’s suitable for you. We can even install boilers with 48hrs notice.
    • 5. Up to 10 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty Included
      We’ve Got Your Back
      Once your boiler has been installed, we’ll register it with the manufacturer so you get your manufacturers guarantee.
    • 6. STRESS FREE Heating & Hot Water
      Sit back and relax
      Not only have you got a great deal on a new boiler in Didcot, but you’ve a low monthly repayments so you don’t have to break the bank to afford a new boiler. Credit is subject to status, affordability assessment and credit checks. T&Cs apply.

Buying a Boiler Can Be Stressful and Expensive

To start your stress free heating and hot water journey, we’ve put together this simple boiler buying guide to help you make the right choice when choosing a new boiler and what to expect when you have a new boiler in Didcot installed.

We start by answering a few questions most ask us before they book to have a survey of their property. As a lot of properties are different, we always need to compete a survey first before we can issue a quote to make sure we are suggesting the right boiler for your property in Didcot.

Why is it that some people in Didcot can get their boiler replaced for under £1,800 and for other’s its over £4,000? Working out the cost of a new boiler is never easy as it depends on a variety of things including hot water/heating usage and the size of property the new replacement boiler needs to heat.

A new replacement boiler for a one-bed flat with only a few radiators will cost a lot less to replace than for a four bedroomed house with over 15 radiators, simply because the boiler itself will not need to generate as much heat and hot water and therefore a smaller kilo-watt boiler can be fitted, which is cheaper to buy. The bigger to kilo-watt the boiler, the more expensive the actual boiler is.

When do you know you boiler needs replacing?

Some Go Heating Repair Didcot customers change their boiler when it breaks down and doesn’t work. But this can cause distress as having no heating or hot water, particularly in the Winter, and can be a very unpleasant experience for you and your family. Other times our customers don’t want to risk another winter when their boiler might beak down. Other customers might be wanting to change their boiler to one that’s more energy efficient. Whatever your requirement is, we’ll give you the advice you need to make sure you are making the right choice. After all, we only recommend what we’d have fitted in our own home.

Sometimes you can spot when a boiler is on its way out or needs replacing with a new boiler:

Your boiler is beyond economical repair: This is a bit of an industry term and you’ll usually hear a gas engineer use the phrase when, in their opinion, it will cost more to repair than replacing the boiler itself or the parts for your boiler are no longer manufactured if its an old boiler. Any significant part that need’s replacing on a boiler can sometimes be the sign of the boiler being on its way out.

Are you getting a ‘boiler dry-cycle’: A boiler dry cycle is more of a problem on older boilers where the boiler fires up due to lost heat in the environment the boiler sits in, but not the whole property. The boiler will then fire unnecessarily to recover these losses as the boiler thinks the property is cold, even though the building requires no heat. This can be a real energy waster, because you’re heating your home when you don’t need to be.

If your boiler has a continuous pilot light: This is a common feature on older boilers and a real waste of gas. All the time the pilot light is lit, its burning gas, costing you more.

Floor mounted boilers are old School: If your boiler is mounted on the floor, its likely to be very old and inefficient. A wall mounted replacement boiler will be more efficient.

Extensions and Renovations: If you making changes to your property, changing your boiler change also add to the value of your property.

What does the law say I need fitted?

Since the change in the 2005 Building Regulations, all newly fitted boilers, whether they be replacement boilers or for new build properties must be condensing, high efficiency boilers. A condensing boiler recycles the heat from exhaust gasses that would normally be released into the atmosphere, making the boiler that much more efficient.

There are a choice of four main boiler types that are fitted, dependent on your property:

Combination Boiler or ‘Combi’ Boiler

As you can probably guess, a combination boiler provides both heating and hot water on demand, making it a very energy efficient boiler as it’s a single unit. Hence the name combination. As a new combi boiler will heat the hot water instantly when you turn the hot water tap on, you won’t need a hot-water or cold-water storage tank, which can be a real space saver as well as a more efficient way of heating your home. It also means there’s less chance of any pipes freezing in the loft if you’ve got a cold water storage tank.

The added benefit of a new combination boiler is that the hot water is delivered at mains pressure, so you should get a nice powerful shower without the need for a separate pump/pressure shower if you have god mains water pressure.

The downside of a new combination boiler is the they are really only suitable for smaller properties. Larger houses and properties with more than one bathroom, a system boiler will be required.

System Boiler

Whilst a System Boiler requires a hot water storage cylinder, all the major heating and hot water components are situated within the boiler itself, meaning they are quicker and easier to install.

A system boiler will provide a constant supply of hot water, meaning you don’t have a slight delay in hot water coming through like you do with a Combination boiler as the System boiler has already heated the water. Although a system boiler does need a hot water storage cylinder, it doesn’t have to be positioned in the loft and can be easily installed in a airing cupboard, making it an ideal cupboard to dry clothes.

These boilers are also compatible with solar water heating systems, which can save you money on your heating bills by heating your water with the power of the sun.

Heat Only Boilers – also know as Regular, Conventional or Open Vent Boilers

Heat only boilers do exactly what they say; They heat your central heating and hot water when installed as part of a heating system together with a hot water storage cylinder, cold water storage tank, plus a feed and expansion tank (which is usually stored in the loft above the boiler to provide a good head of water).

If your boiler is very old, the existing radiators and pipework might not cope with the pressure a new combination or system boiler would generate. Therefore, you are much better off replacing the boiler like for like with a Heat Only Boiler, unless you are having the whole system replaced, including pipework and radiators.

Back Boiler

A Back Boiler is a boiler supplying hot water or heating that is built-in behind a fireplace or is an integral part of a gas fire. They are often fitted to a property when space is at a premium as the boiler is fitted into the existing fire-place, rather than taking valuable floor or wall space elsewhere in the home.

Since the Building Regulations change in 2005 came into effect for energy efficient condensing boilers, your choice of replacement Back Boiler is limited by what’s on offer from the manufacturers. At Go Heating Repair we usually recommend that you replace a Back boiler with a modern, energy efficient combi boiler.

What Size of New Boiler Do I Need?

Making sure you have the right kilo-watt boiler fitted is important as it will effect the cost of the install and might cause you problems later on; a smaller Kilo-Watt boiler will be cheaper to install, but might cost you more in the long run in parts as it struggles to heat the property. Likewise, too big a Kilo-Watt boiler will run ineffeicnetly and cost you more money on your energy bills. If you want to have a look yourself, The Institute of Domestic Engineers has a good online calculator that can workout what size boiler you need. When our Go Heating Repair Didcot surveyor visits, they’ll take you through what sized boiler you need as they’ll be using a similar formula to calculate the size of the boiler you’ll need. When you are comparing quotes between different installers, check what kilo-watt each is recommending, and if they are totally different, ask why?

What’s the Best New Boiler Brand to Go For?

It really does depend on the type of boiler you are having installed and how long you are planning to stay in the property. If you are only going to be in the property for a year or so, a cheaper option might be the right choice, like the Vokera boiler range. Whilst it’s not as famous a brand as Worcester Bosch, it is great value for money. If you are looking for a brand name boiler, at Go Heating Repair Didcot, we’d recommend you have a Worcester Bosch fitted, which comes with up to 10 years manufacturer’s backed warranty for added peace of mind.

Most boiler installers will have their favourite brand; the one they like to fit the most because of the price they buy it at or the ease of installing some new boiler brands over others.

Which? produce a great boiler guide that is nationally recognized as being one of the best for advising on which boiler brand to choose. Whilst they recommend Worcester Bosch as their number one brand as they are reliable and efficient, so over a longer period of time, might be more cost effective.

Of course, at Go Heating Repair Didcot, we give you a choice of either Worcester Bosch or Intergas as it gives you flexibility on the final price of the installation that you pay for.

What length of warranty should I choose?

We include up to 10 years manufacturers warranty with our Intergas boilers, together with up to 10 years servicing. To keep your manufacturers boiler parts warranty, you need to keep it serviced regularly otherwise the warranty won’t be valid. That’s why we include the servicing, even with our Worcester Bosch boilers, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your boiler in warranty.

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You’ve Booked Your Survey – What Happens Now Things to check when you’re having your new boiler survey completed.

Whenever you planning to have a replacement boiler, always have a survey completed prior to the engineer giving you a price. Without seeing the property and the existing boiler, its very hard to come up with an accurate price and there is a strong likelihood that the quote won’t include everything you need for a successful boiler installation. When you’re having the survey completed, we’d always recommend you check and ask the following things with the surveyor:

Get Your Gas Pressure Checked

Always get the gas pressure to the existing boiler measured to make sure its not low. If the gas pressure is low, you might need to get the gas board out to help increase the pressure or locate the problem. This could delay things and certainly not something you want to find out on the day of the installation.

Do you want the boiler moved to a different location?

When replacing your boiler, you can might want to have it located somewhere in the house other than its current location, although any new location must adhered to current building regulations.

Do you need to consider replacing the pipes and radiators?

If a very old boiler is being replaced for a new boiler, you’ll find the newer boiler might generate more pressure in the system. This is often where a new boiler can fail – driving more pressure through the old pipes and radiators can cause problems in the piping, leading the new boiler to loose pressure and break down. Always check with the surveyor on what they recommend and ask their opinion as to what is the best solution.

Do you need an extra radiator in the airing-cupboard?

One thing to look out for when replacing your old boiler for a new boiler or if you dispense with the water tank when having a combi boiler fitted, is that it will give off less heat. This is particularly important to consider if your use your airing cupboard to dry clothes in that area – you may want to consider having a radiator installed in the cupboard just to be sure.

Are there any building regulations to consider?

Building regulations and legislation have changed meaning that if your boiler was installed sometime ago, its likely not to meet current standards. For example, if your boiler is mounted in the centre of the house with the flue going up the chimney, this no longer meets the regulations, and as such the boiler will need a new position on an external facing wall.

Make sure you use a Gas Safe Engineer

Any new replacement gas boiler can only be fitted and installed by a Gas Safe engineer. All Go Heating Repair Didcot’s engineers are Gas Safe registered and our Gas Safe Registration number is 573627. You can check if someone is Gas Safe registered by asking for their Gas Safe registration number, and then visiting the Gas Safe website and to check their registration number if current.

  • A new boiler in Didcot,

  • A Replacement boiler in Didcot,

  • An Energy Efficient Boiler in Didcot,

  • A Gas Safe Boiler Installer in Didcot

So you’ve chosen Go Heating Repair Didcot to install you new replacement boiler in Didcot, what happens next?

Once you’ve decided to go-ahead with having your boiler installed by Go Heating Repair Didcot, we’ll agree the final specification of the install and book a convenient date for you for the boiler installation to be carried out. If you need your boiler fitted in a hurry because you’ve got no heating or how water – don’t worry. We can start fitting the boiler within 48hrs of the survey being completed in most cases.

At Go Heating Repair Didcot we’ll fit your new boiler with minimum disruption to your home, taking care to cover carpets and other surfaces with dust sheets, and tidying up afterwards.

It’s always good to make sure the area where the boiler is being fitted is clear and that you meet our Go Heating Repair Didcot engineer at your property before the installation starts just to go through the finer points of the installation and fitting.

If it’s a straight swap, it shouldn’t take longer than a day. Once the boiler is installed, we won’t leave site until you are happy and we’ve fully explained how the new boiler and its controls work.

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  • Replacement Intergas Boiler Didcot
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Go Heating Repair Didcot and Gas Safe registered New Boiler Installers that can help you with:

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Your Trusted Go Heating Repair Didcot team.

The moment we leave you property isn’t that last you’ll hear or see from us. Once the boiler is installed, we register it with Gas Safe and the manufacturer ensuring your manufacturer backed warranty is active the moment your new boiler fires into life.

*Terms and Conditions of Manufacturers Warranty Apply. Each Manufacturer has their own terms and conditions, with some covering the part but not the call out charge, others only covering specific parts and not all.


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