3 Reasons why smart people service their boiler regularly and others don’t.

1. Faulty boilers can KILL YOU and your family!

Ok, we understand that this is a pretty damning statement however…it’s true! Sadly is does happen from time to time and it can easily be avoided. A faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous, emitting harmful carbon monoxide which can kill. Not-so-smart people run the gauntlet whilst smart people keep themselves and their family safe with regular services to their boiler.

Whilst other companies may tell you a boiler service is to make your boiler more efficient and avoid breakdowns, our primary reason for servicing boilers is to make sure they are not causing you and you family any harm

2. Saves you money

Your boiler and heating system has a number of complex components that need servicing to ensure that the boiler itself runs smoothly…not too dissimilar to a car. By carrying out preventative maintenance once a year you can prevent the boiler from breaking down and also ensure it runs as efficient as it should so that you are not wasting energy and money.

3. Refer to point 1 and 2

Full Boiler & Heating Service and Check

  • Full Boiler and Heating Service
  • Gas Safe Certified and Qualified Engineers
  • Comprehensive Full Boiler Service and Gas Safety Check, unlike others

Our Full Boiler and Heating Service is the BEST!

When we service your boiler, we complete a full check and service, not not just measuring the flu emissions like some other, ensuring we check and service all parts within the boiler and heating system. Our Full Service and Check will cover 5 very important main areas

  • Inspection of all heating controls and thermostats, running through each program to make sure the boiler works correctly.
  • Removal of boiler casing with check and review of all working parts, cleaning any part as required
  • Check boiler for corrosion and leaks
  • A gas pressure check to ensure your boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure.
  • A flue test to ensure that no unsafe emissions are being released from your boiler.

Once we’ve completed the service, you’ll get a service and check written record of everything we’ve done, along with any recommendations.

How often does a boiler need servicing?

Its always good to keep a record of when your boiler was last serviced. You can usually tell when a boiler needs servicing if you are not getting the same temperature hot water as before, or you notice your heating bills go up as you have to burn more gas/electricity/oil to get the same desired temperature.

Unfortunately without keeping a record, diagnosing these problems is often when you’ve got the boiler on and therefore you run a risk of it breaking down, just when you don’t need it to, without regular servicing.

But don’t be put off by others – you only need a service once a year, and ours is a comprehensive 15-Point Full Service and Check, not just looking at main parts, but the whole system unlike others.


Our motto is this:

“You only pay for good quality once.”
(you’ll pay for sub-standard quality several times over)

What actually gets serviced?

What actually gets serviced on a boiler depends on what model you have and how old it is. Older boilers do need a bit more attention, but that’s just to make sure they are working properly. Some of the newer models of boiler, whilst being newer, might also need more servicing – it really does depend on the make and the reliability of its original parts.

With a boiler service, we check all the working parts and make sure they are operating at their optimum level whilst making sure the boiler itself is within regulation and not emitting any carbon monoxide back into the property.

As part of our 15-Point Full Service and Check, we service and check these specific parts:

  • Checking Heat Exchanger and cleaning if necessary
  • Checking/Cleaning the burner
  • Checking the Flame/Pilot Light
  • Checking Gas Pressures/Gas Rate
  • Checking Flame Failure Devices

  • Checking Case Seals on RS CHBs or Spillage/FFlow on OFs
  • Checking and Cleaning the Fan
  • Checking and cleaning the condensate trap
  • Emissions Test (Nearly mandatory on majority of Condensers, but dependent on make/model)

Not all boilers are the same – but we can service any make or model

Our 15-Point Full Service and Check covers all modern boilers.

If you have an older boiler, it might require a little more work – but importantly, you won’t be charged extra for this.

Beware as this can be a classic sales line from your nearest cowboy and we have heard stories of customers getting charged obscene amounts because ‘their boiler is old’.

Remember this is a cowboy-free-zone and we are here to save you money and not rip people off.

If you want to ensure your boiler is safe and that it is running efficiently.

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