Go Heating Repair Blackburn are offering an Ideal® branded Combi Gas Boiler from Just £29.99 per month exclusively for the residents of Blackburn.

The Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler not only comes with a Free 2-year guarantee, but it also scored highly by Which? Magazine for its energy saving.

So you get a brand new boiler, including installation, with no deposit and a Free 2-year guarantee, all for just £29.99 a month.

Go Heating Repair Blackburn can literally guarantee you’ll only pay £29.99 for a fully fitted Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler in Blackburn as part of our new offer to save residents of Blackburn from over-priced boilers.

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If you are looking for a new boiler for your home in Blackburn you’d be bonkers NOT to CALL Claire NOW on our dedicated Blackburn number and discover how you can benefit from this amazing deal in Blackburn.

Any of these sound familiar to you?

Live in Blackburn and need a new boiler but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Don’t want to get caught up in a ’NEVER-NEVER’ finance deal
were you never own the boiler outright?

Don’t want the upfront cost of £3,000 for a new boiler in Blackburn,
but don’t know where to start?

Like the idea of only paying for the boiler over 5 years?


“Don’t worry, its got nothing to do with that ‘GREEN DEAL’ thingy…and you own the boiler, unlike some ‘schemes’!”

Let’s Make This SUPER Simple & Easy for YOU.

Most Blackburn customers want to run a mile when they hear of the notoriously confusing and difficult to understand ‘Green Deal’ schemes that the government have created to ‘HELP’ you in Blackburn. We want to, too!

Even we’ve had trouble trying to understand The Green Deal Schemes at times which is why we have come up with our own offer that has nothing to do with Green Deal.

And its not like one of those rental schemes where you pay £17 a month for 20 years and never actually end up owning the boiler – which just sounds nuts to us!

Because you have gotten this far we promise to make all of this simple for you to understand and we also promise that we will make our Go Heating Repair Boiler Package for £29.99 per month in Blackburn as easy as possible for you to not only obtain but also massively benefit from.

Your Next Step Is Here…

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If you are already convinced and want to get a new Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler installed from just £29.99 per month without a deposit now, call us on the number at the top of this page, or request a free survey. Or if you need some more information or a little more information on how easy it is to obtain the following, keep reading:

  • A fully fitted brand NEW Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler from £29.99 without a deposit from Go Heating Repair Blackburn
  • Free 2-year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Reduce your Heating Bills by up to 30% on your home in Blackburn
  • Fully installed by our Gas Safe registered engineers.

Go Heating Repair are offering you the easiest and simplest way to obtain and benefit from getting a new boiler fitted to your home in Blackburn.

Go Heating Repair’s £29.99 per month Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler packages are
LOVED & TRUSTED by their Blackburn customers.

Discover HOW to get a brand Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler fully fitted in your home in Blackburn from only £29.99 per month with no deposit!

This would normally cost over £2000

and it’s yours for just £29.99 per month

Use the simple 6 STEP plan below

This is How it Works…

    • 1 CONTACT
      Contact Go Heating Repair
      By phone or email.
    • 2 SURVEY
      FREE Survey
      It’s 100% FREE! unlike other companies (saving you £150)
    • 3 No Deposit
      Nothing to pay
      There’s nothing to pay upfront to get your boiler installed.
      Arrange your Installation Date
      Select from a choice of dates for installation
    • 5 PAYMENT
      First Payment
      The first payment will come out of your account 30 days after installation
      Save money on your heating bills
      Not only have you got a great deal, but your new boiler will also save you money on your heating bills.

It’s so simple & easy for you to get a boiler from £29.99 per month today in Blackburn

We’ll take care of everything for YOU…no hassles and no worries, we promise. ‘Boiler Deals’ have become complicated enough for far too long in Blackburn. Go Heating Repair Blackburn has come to save the day for you with simplicity and ease. No hidden extras and no long payment periods, just a good value deal for a new boiler in Blackburn.

Call us NOW!

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This is How it Works…in a bit more detail.

If you require a little more detail right now regarding how this works then please read this next section and it will explain precisely how this all works and what you need to do to take action today and begin benefitting from obtaining your boiler from £29.99 per month with Go Heating Repair Blackburn.

Follow Your Go Heating Repair simple 6-step plan:

  1. First things first, you’ve got to get a survey completed. At Go Heating Repair, we’ll complete this for FREE, unlike other who charge over £100 to survey your house! We’ll then confirm the installation and answer any questions you might have concerning your new boiler and its specification.
  2. Go Heating Repair will then register you for our finance package and set you up for our £29.99 per month offer.
  3. Once you’ve been approved for finance, you simply need to confirm you want Go Heating Repair to complete the installation of your new Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler. There’s no deposit to pay, we just need you to confirm you want us to install the boiler by signing the finance agreement.
  4. We’ll install your new Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler, making your home all cozy and warm and don’t forget that your brand new half price boiler will help cut down on your heating bills by up to 30% so you’ll experience savings almost immediately. The Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler is ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency with a 91% efficient rating.
  5. Once the work has been completed by Go Heating Repair, 30 days afterwards the first payment of £29.99 will be taken out of your account.
  6. You’ll then be covered by the manufactures Free 2-year guarantee

The most commonly asked question…

How much do I actually pay for my new boiler as I’m still a bit confused on how this all works?

This is a great question and a common one too from our Blackburn customers, it works like this.

The average price to have a brand new boiler supplied and installed these days is usually about £2000-£3000.

We can supply and fit YOUR home in Blackburn with an AMAZINGLY EFFICIENT boiler for only £1450!

But here is the great news…

When you choose Go Heating Repair in Blackburn we can arrange finance ensuring you spread the cost of the boiler over 5 years, with no deposit, at an interest on 9.9% APR. Unlike others, we don’t make any money out of offering finance, we just want to give our customers a good deal.

Make sense?

If you look at the bigger picture…remember we said that is costs on average £2000 to £3000 to get a new boiler supplied and fitted. We do it for just £1450 for you. A saving of between £500 to £1500! If that isn’t the deal of the decade then we don’t know what is!

This sounds like a great offer but I’m concerned.

As this offer is such GREAT value… is the boiler actually any good?

You betchya…it’s an AMAZING boiler and costs over £2000 to buy brand new!

We would NEVER supply you with a cr*p boiler…because one of our values is that we believe in treating YOU and ALL our Blackburn Go Heating Repair customers like ‘one of our own’! Go Heating Repair Blackburn takes care of everything for you and will fully install your brand new boiler without you having to lift a finger. By the way…its not just any old boiler, but a brand new Ideal® Logic Combi Gas Boiler. These specific boilers come in a range of power options from 24KW to 38KW so will suit almost all homes.

This boiler is simply PERFECT for your home in Blackburn…and remember it can help cut your heating bills by up to 30% saving you tonnes of money in the medium to long term. We don’t know anybody who wouldn’t want that!

It might not be at £29.99 per month forever…don’t miss out or get left behind!

Hundreds of customers in Blackburn are contacting us everyday regarding this amazing offer. We don’t know how long it’s going to last so we recommend you act fast before we decide to pull the plug on this new boiler from £29.99 with no deposit offer with Go heating Repair Blackburn

If you’ve still got some questions

or if you are keen to get a new boiler from £29.99 per month today and start saving up to 30% on your heating bills…FOREVER! All you need to do is get in touch with Claire and her Blackburn Go heating Repair local team

If You Prefer to…

To Speak to Someone locally

Lines are open 9am-5.30pm Mon- Fri

Same day response
01254 271757
Call our team now

Not a Fan of the Phone? Or Can’t call right now?

and we’ll get right back to you…. we promise!

Meet Anthony your Go Heating Repair head engineer for our region of Blackburn.

Anthony and his team here at Go Heating Repair Blackburn are experienced local heating and boiler engineers and are dedicated to helping you keep your heating and hot water working everyday.

Last year Anthony and the Go Heating Repair team successfully carried out almost 50 new boiler installations for customers in Blackburn alone with Gas Boilers.

It’s fair to say we make a lot of people happy with our fantastic Gas Boiler and Heating Repair service here in Blackburn.

Anthony and the Go Heating Repair team successfully carried out almost 50 new boiler installations for customers in Blackburn

How we help you regain your home comforts in Blackburn

You’ll NEVER feel abandoned in your time of need in Blackburn

– There is always a friendly, helpful voice waiting for you when you call.

No hanging around for days on end in Blackburn WHEN your boiler needs to be repalced

– We ALWAYS respond FAST as our team of boiler installation specialist live locally to you!

It doesn’t cost you a penny for a Survey

– That’s right, we NEVER charge you for a survey…EVER!

No ‘crafty-hidden-extras’ for you.

– We offer great value prices to our Blackburn boiler & heating customers ‘cos it just feels right!

We keep everything simple for you and easy to understand.

– We’ll help you get the best deal on a new boiler. No hassle, no catches, no worries.

We believe you deserve to have the rights to obtain a great boiler at an unbelievable price

– We are not into ripping people off. We provide our customers in Blackburn with the best energy saving boiler for just £29.99 a month.

Anthony and his crew are a dedicated local team to Blackburn and they have over 20 years of experience between them and are all Gas Safe certified for your peace of mind. This also ensures that whatever you have fitted by Go Heating Repair at your home you’ll know that it is safe and that everything we do is compliant with the strictest guidelines regards the servicing and installation of your new gas boiler here in Blackburn.

Fast, simple and easy.

We take all the hassle away for you so you can simply sit back and do what you do best.

Start counting all the money we are going to help you save but first…all you’ve gotta do is get in touch.

If You Prefer to…

Speak to Someone

Lines are open 9am-5.30pm Mon- Fri

Same day response
01254 271757
Call our team now

Not a Fan of the Phone? Or Can’t call right now?

and we’ll get right back to you….we promise!