Go Heating Repair are the UK’s Best Loved and Most Trusted Boiler, Repair, Service and Replacement team, for Boilers.

At Go Heating Repair, we believe in thinking differently.

We believe at Go Heating Repair, you deserve a home that has all the essential comforts that we’ve now come to expect here in the UK – comforts that we can often take for granted.

When the unexpected happens and some of these comforts are taken away from you or they need some love, care and attention.

That’s where Go Heating Repair comes in…

How Go Heating Repair help you regain your home comforts…

You’ll NEVER feel abandoned in your time of need

– There is always a friendly, helpful voice waiting for you when you call.

No hanging around for days on end

– We ALWAYS respond FAST as our team live locally to you!

It’s doesn’t cost you a penny for a Call Out!

– That’s right, we NEVER charge you for call outs…EVER!

No ‘crafty-hidden-extras’ for you.

– We offer Fixed-Prices… ‘cos it just feels right!

We keep everything simple for you and easy to understand.

– No ‘Tech-Jargon-or-Mumbo-Jumbo’! It’s the last thing you need.

“It’ll never happen to me!”

– Said almost all our customers… just before calling us!

No one ever likes calling a boiler engineer to fix, service or replace a boiler or heating system…we get that. Neither is it a pleasant experience when faced with having no heating or hot water and not to mention the potential cost of any repairs.

No Need to Panic – Go Heating Repair is here for YOU!

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It’s tempting, is it not, to call the first company you find online?

But we know sometimes those niggling questions can be on your mind such as:

  • “Can I trust them?”
  • “Are they reputable?”

  • “Are they any good?”
  • “Do they know what they are doing?”

  • “What do others say about them?”
  • “Will I get ripped off or will I get a great service at a fair price?”

We understand this 100% and we ‘get you’.
We’d likely be thinking the same things too…just like you.

Emergency Boiler

Our emergency boiler and heating repair team operate 24/7 for your convenience….

Boiler & Heating Servicing

Just like your car, your boiler and heating system has many complicated parts that need yearly servicing…

Boiler Replacement

You get home and find your heating not working. Then you find out your boiler needs replacing…

Cover Plans

Just when I didn’t need it, I got hit with a massive bill to replace the pump on my boiler….

Don’t worry if you are unable to CALL NOW. We can still help you.


This is Claire from our friendly team.

Claire has been with us since 2003 and she really loves shopping, holidays and watching the telly!

…she’s got a lovely friendly manner too that everybody seems to warm too.

Enter your details below and Claire or one of her team will be touch to help you with your enquiry.

(Be warned Claire is very charming !)

Interesting fact if you are a new visitor here:

95% of visitors choose to CALL

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Repair your boiler, including parts and labour from £99 or less.

A Typical Average Boiler Repair Bill is £315*…Does £99 Sound Better To You?

Boiler Replacement 50% off New Boilers

with a range of brands including Viessmann available!

Perhaps you could say…we are your regions GO-TO Heating & Boiler experts like so many often do.  All we know for sure is this…


We are a membership network of locally based engineers and we only choose the best engineers to work with locally. We are large enough to cope but still small enough to offer you that extra-bit of care. 

We have a rapidly growing team of some of the very best locally based heating and hot water specialists. We wouldn’t be surprised if you know someone that has used our service before.

We absolutely believe that this when we say…”We’ve got your back and we are alway on hand for you!”

The last year has been a record breaking year for us as a company. We have carried out more repairs, servicing and installations for both Emergency and Non-Emergency customers that we ever have before. Just another sign of our growing popularity. 

Regardless of our growing volume of work, we sill take an enormous sense of pride from knowing that a majority or problems tend to be fixed on remidied on our first visit.

If you LOVE the idea of someone being able to get your heating or hot water problem back on track on the first visit then please get in touch.

Here at Go Heating Repair we literally love what we do for you. Nothing fills us with more satisfaction than doing the work that we do for you and seeing the look on your face when you realise that everything is going to be alright.

We have to confess we are easily flattered and we still go all humble when we hear our loyal customers referring to us as the most trusted and best loved team of local boiler and central heating specialists in your area.

Why should you choose us instead of choosing say one of the big national companies or even one of the local ‘one man bands?’

This is a pretty easy one for us to answer.
The truth is: we don’t actually know.

However what we do know to be true is this. If you want a local heating repair company who’s main aim is to ensure that you are cared for from start to finish then you might be in the right place. If you are looking for a heating repair company who’s aim is to constantly strive to do great work today for you but will also strive to constantly improve and do even better work tomorrow and even 6 months from now than we feel we might be a good fit for you.

We know we are nowhere near as expensive as some of the larger national companies and we also know that we have more resources than your local ‘man-in-van’ outfits. This ensures that you will always receive superb service from beginning to end from Go Heating Repair.

It’s all very straight forward really. It’s what our customers refer to as a 100%;

“NO-BRAINER”…we must confess that we agree, but then we are biased…a bit like our loyal customers.

At Go heating Repair we are not your ‘average’ heating and boiler repair company – We are a company of locally based heating and boiler repair engineers that’s are more than big enough to manage any job but still small enough to care for you.

All our heating and boiler engineers are time served and are all based locally. In face many of them actually grew up in the towns and cities that they service. This means you can always guarantee a quick response as these guys know their areas like the back of their hands. 

We only work with local engineers that are proven experts in their field and are Gas Safe Approved and have the skills necessary people skills to be able to talk you through your heating and boiler problems without the use of technical jargon. This is mumbo-jumbo free zone here at Go Heating Repair…you’ll be glad to know.

We currently have over 100 engineers and growing and we now cover the North East, North West, Midlands, East Anglia, and the Home Counties and we are expanding to many other regions soon with specially selected teams of local heating and boiler engineers. 


Repairing boiler

Emergency Heating & Boiler Repairs – taking the hassle away!

The Go Heating Repair emergency boiler and heating repair teams are on call for you 24/7…for your total convenience. You simply never know when your heating or boiler or hot water will pack in or cause you a problem. The thing that so many customers LOVE about Go Heating Repair is that our dedicated local team of emergency heating engineers are always on call for your convenience. We never charge to come to you. You get a FREE CALL OUT, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are only ever charged if their is some ACTUAL work to be done. Great to know isn’t it?

The entire Go Heating Repair team of emergency heating engineers are all Gas Safe Registered and they only specialise in boiler and central heating repairs unlike some other local engineers who can sometimes be more of a ‘jack-of-all’ instead of a master-of-one-trade. At least you know you are calling experts with Go Heating Repair.

Here at Go Heating Repair we work with EVERY SYSTEM YOU CAN IMAGINE! Ranging from Gas systems, Electric heating systems and even Oil and modern Heat Source Pumps. Due to our vast experience we have worked on every brand you can imagine including Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Potterton, Ideal, and Glow Worm to name but a few of the more popular brands.

We offer YOU a fixed price repair from only: 

£99 or less.

Or you can purchase one of our Boiler Cover plans, protecting your boiler from future repairs and servicing costs.

Your Boiler and Heating Servicing – make them work better and last longer!

Your boiler and your heating system are quite complicated pieces of equipment and just like anything else they will benefit from having a regular service at least once per year to ensure that they work efficiently and reduce the chances of potential break down or malfunction. 

At Go Heating Repair all our engineers are Gas Safe engineers meaning you can have peace of mind that they know what they are doing and will keep you and your family safe. They can service your boiler and heating systems and offer you that all important expert advice that will help keep it running smoothly and help reduce potential problems.

Our Go Heating Repair engineers regularly service all the main manufacturers boilers and heating systems, including Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Potterton, Ideal and Glow Worm to name but a few of the more popular ones. If you are a landlord or if you rent out your property, it is required by law that you’ll need the boiler and heating system serviced and certified annually. We can help you with this too.

You can even get a free yearly boiler service if you purchase a our Immediate Boiler Cover Plan from us.

Looking at tablet data for boiler servicing.

Working on Radiator

HALF PRICE Boiler + Installation

(thats a 50% saving for you!)

When you discover that your heating isn’t working it can be a real pain. What’e even worse is when you discover that the boiler has died and now needs replacing. It’s probably safe to assume that you weren’t expecting to shell out several thousand pounds to replace it and have a new one fitted
When we break the news to our customers it’s never easy…you simply see their faces drop. However all is not lost!

That’s why we offer our customers 50% off the retail price of a boiler when we install it.

1) HALF PRICE Boiler + Installation

Save yourself the time in shopping around to try and find a better service, lower price or more efficient response.

Here is why… (we think you are going to love this)

We treat you and every customer like a real person and we deal with your call as though it is urgent!
Calling around to find a decent heating company can be a big pain.

Calling us will be an absolute pleasure. We Guarantee it!

Boiler cover open and inspecting for fault

Whatever you need right now…

Simply CALL our friendly
Local team

and tell us how we can help and we’ll quickly send you one of our friendly and local engineers.

It couldn’t be simpler.

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